To control your Automated Gates, we have a variety of options.

Access controls systems can provide as much or as little security as you need. We offer many options whether your need is commercial or residential. Contact us today to find out what system is right for you.

Free Entrance / Free Exit

If your gate needs are primarily to keep deer out and children and pets in and security is not an issue, we suggest using a loop detector that will provide a Free Entrance and Free Exit. This means that when any vehicle drives over the loop detector, the sensor will signal the gate to automatically open and close.

Radio ControlRadio Controlled System

By using a radio receiver and transmitter (similar to a garage door opener) you limit who can access your premises by only those who have transmitters. Can be used in conjunction with a Free Exit system.

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone-entryTelephone entry systems provide access by using your existing phone line or a dedicated phone line. Numeric codes grant access to desired guests or homeowners use their telephone to speak to guests at the gate and may grant access right through their phone.

Surveillance cameras and monitors are also available. doorkinglogo

Camera Systems

We offer state of the art security surveillance systems, ranging from single camera and monitoring units to PTZ remote control and IP camera setups with advanced DVR recording.Camera-Systems

Card Readers

Card-ReadersA card reader permits access only to those who have authorized cards. Many options are available including programmable systems that can control access of individual people by different times and days.

Take a look at our Gallery of Options: