These How-to Videos will help you manually release your gate in the event of a power outage.

Sometimes, mother nature causes unforeseen issues with the weather. If you have a power outage, below are some how-to videos to show you how to manually control your gates depending of which type of gate operators you have on your automated gate. For all types of automated gates, you will need your manual release key found in the JIC box near your automated gate. For further assistant with the maintenance of your automated gate or to place a service call, please contact our offices at 914-962-7770.

BFT LUX Manual Bypass

BFT SUB Manual Bypass

BFT Phobos Manual Bypass

FAAC 412 Manual Bypass

FAAC 760 Manual Bypass

FAAC 750 Manual Bypass

FAAC 415 Manual Bypass

FAAC 400 / 422 (New Style) Manual Bypass

FAAC 400/422 (Old Style) Manual Bypass