Please use this as a guide to help you when troubleshooting problems or malfunctions with your gate.


Bypass Switch

Bypass Switch

Telephone entry system does not work

Cause could be:

 A problem with your telephone service provider. To determine whether there is an issue with your telephone service from your provider or an issue with the Doorking telephone entry system, go to your Bypass switch and move the switch from entry to by-pass. If you still do not have phone service, then you need to call your telephone service provider and if your service is fine, then there is an issue with your telephone entry system. Call the office to set up an appointment for a service call.


Gate opening and closing by itself or staying open

Cause could be:

Safety photo eyes are blocked or out of alignment.

Any decorations (wreaths, spiderwebs, etc) could be blocking the safety photo eyes as well as groupings of tall flowers or reeds. Try trimming or tying these back.

If the safety photo eyes are out of alignment, they need to be adjusted. Please call our office for assistance.


There is power to the gate, but it is not moving.

Cause could be:

There could be many reasons for this, but a few things you can try:

Especially after a power outage, the gate system may have to be reset.

Turn off the power to the gate.  Wait two minutes.  Turn back on.

The loop detector may need to be reset

The loop detector is located inside the control panel box near the gate.  (Note:  We do not encourage customers to open the control panel box)

The loop detector is a small box located at the bottom. There is a reset button on it. Press in the reset button.

  • Make sure you have power  (breaker inside house could have tripped)
  • If you have a lock open toggle switch, make sure it flipped in the “normal” position.
  • Make sure the gate isn’t catching on any snow / ice / dirt  (frost heave is a problem in the winter where the frost heaves up the driveway or cobblestone – your Landscaper should be contacted to repair)


After a power outage, the gate will not open automatically

Cause could be:

If you have a telephone entry system, it may need to be reactivated by phone or at the keypad by entering # 1303

 Please note that this is only meant to be a guide to help make owning your gate a pleasant experience. Should you need our assistance, please contact us at 914-962-7770 and we will be more than happy to help you.


DoorKing Operations:


On your telephone:

Press *7 – you will then hear a beep

Now press the Command Number you desire


9     Opens the gate, then it will close automatically

8      Opens the gate, and it will lock open

7      Releases locked open gate ( may take between 10 – 30 seconds )

If you have an entrance sensor:

4     Entrance Sensor On (automatic access)

3     Entrance Sensor Off

Using call waiting:

If a gate call comes in, press # to answer.

Grant access by pressing 9 on the phone, press # to deny access

Phone will automatically disconnect from gate and you will resume previous conversation


On your telephone:

Dial the phone number to the gate

After the beep hit * 16 then the Master Code – you will then hear a beep

Press the Command Number you desire  ( see above )

Print this out and keep it handy: Troubleshooting PDF