Iron / Wood Replica Gates

Iron / Wood Replica Gates

Let’s face it, wood gates are beautiful and provide a warm look to any property.  Customers’ main concerns are how often do we need to stain and how long will it last before we need to replace it?

Our solution is an iron gate that mimics the wood styles available.  Constructed of iron, every component is carefully welded and when completed, replicates a wood gate.  The hot-dipped galvanizing process ensures that the gate will not rust.  Gates can be painted with specially formulated paint that adheres to the galvanizing.  The finished product is very strong, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.  Here is a selection of gates we have fabricated or you can design one that we can make for you.

Iron Wood Replica Gates Group 1 1
Iron Wood Replica Gates Group 2
Iron Wood Replica Gates Group 3


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Make your gate purchase an experience that you will enjoy long after our work is completed