From enhanced security and privacy to increasing property value, automated gates offer both functional and aesthetic benefits for any property.

While there are many advantages in having automated gates, because they come in various styles that suit different home designs and preferences, how do you know if a swinging or sliding gate is right for your home?

A Few Factors to Consider in Choosing The Right Automated Gate

Automated driveway gates don’t just serve as an entry function to your property, but they need to be functional and convenient for daily use. The design of a gate is crucial to how it will look, function, and affect a home’s value. In choosing the appropriate automated gate for your home, the ease of access and maneuverability play a critical role in choosing the right design. 

Consider the major differences between swing and siding automated gates:

Automated Swing Gates

These automated gates swing inward or outward like regular doors and come in single- or double-door configurations. Swing gates require more space between the gate and the car to ensure the gate doesn’t hit any vehicle as it opens. The width of the driveway and the available space in front and behind where it’s being installed need to be kept in mind. 

Swing gates are ideal for homeowners who prefer a traditional look and can fit large property spaces. This option remains quite popular because they offer greater durability, while still retaining stunning aesthetics.

Generally speaking, the installation of a swing gate is usually the cheaper option of the two. Plus, from a long-term maintenance perspective, swing gates usually require less maintenance, as there are fewer parts, and therefore less chance of parts breaking down and needing to be repaired or replaced.

Automated Sliding Gates 

If you’re working with limited space in your driveway, a sliding gate may be a more suitable option because it needs less space to operate. These automated gates slide open along the fence line / sideways, without any swinging inward or outward. Sliding gates are great for driveways with limited clearance on either side and if there isn’t enough room for the full arc of a swing gate. 

The mechanics of sliding gates are more complex and usually take longer to install. And, because they require more parts than standard single or double swing gates, sliding gates are usually more expensive than swinging gates. Typically, a swing gate design consists of the motor and a couple of hinges mounted to a post or wall, while a sliding gate needs a motor, slide track, and rollers.

The Benefits of Both Types of Automated Gates

While the opening mechanics of the gate types differ, they have several things in common. Both add a level of security and peace of mind to any property. Automated sliding and swing gates can be customizable with different styles, materials, and automation options and serve practical and aesthetic purposes. 

The visual appeal of either gate option is undeniable and will positively impact the curb appeal and total value of your home. 

We’ll Help You Choose the Perfect Automated Gate For Your Home

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